Bottenhavet debut album was released on Fuzzorama Records on April 12th 2024.

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As the latest addition to Fuzzorama Records Stockholm based Bottenhavet is taking a big leap onto the stoner/fuzz/rock scene with their recently released debut album. Inspired by the harsh to the beautiful, in this world and inside of the human mind, Bottenhavet strives to deliver a unique and diverse sound to your ears but always with the roots in rock. Some people would describe the sound as 70’s hard rock, but with various influences shining through, including stoner, prog and grunge. Stick around to find out for yourself.

Bottenhavet (translates to ’The Bothnian Sea’) was originally formed in 2020 by Marcus Wigren, Kim Minkkinen and Charlie Karlsson (2020-2023), and later joined by Andreas Bohman (2021). All being musicians with various musical backgrounds adding their skills and preferences to the mix that together creates the ”Bothnian sound”. To add another layer of uniqueness to the music, the songs are sung in their native language, Swedish. After gaining a steadily increasing following with their initial four track EP release "Ett hav av tårar" (released March 19th 2021) as well as follow up singles "När tiden dör", "Faller" (released summer and autumn of 2021) and "Allt på svart" (released spring of 2022), the band knew it was about time to start working on their debut album.

The writing process started late 2022. And in mid April 2023 Bottenhavet entered Studio Humbucker, owned and run by the legendary Robert Pehrsson (known from Robert Pehrsson Humbucker, Death breath, Dundertåget, Imperial state electric etc), to record drums. Vocals and guitars were recorded by the band themselves before Pehrsson later mixed and mastered the album. In the summer of 2023  Bottenhavet signed a record deal for their forthcoming debut album with Fuzzorama Records, run by none less than the masterminds behind fuzz rock giants Truckfighters, Oskar Cedermalm and Niklas Källgren. The album, called "Ljud i Tysta Rum" was released on Fuzzorama Records on April 12, 2024.

Musically, the new album is an imposing compound of the band’s hard-hitting yet melodious sound that has been boosted to new levels - with striking dynamics that move unobtrusively between delicacy and force. It goes without saying that Bottenhavet is here to stay.

Kim Minkkinen - Vocals
Marcus Wigren - Drums
Andreas Bohman - Guitar
David Lecander - Bass

"Ljud i Tysta Rum" cover art

"Ljud i Tysta Rum" cover art

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  • Alltför många stonerband blir enformiga i längden för att de inte kan variera sig tillräckligt. Bottenhavet hör inte till dem. — Zero Magazine
  • Med en sömlös blandning av lugnare delar och full styrka har Bottenhavet skapat ett imponerande album som utan tvekan kommer att lämna ett avtryck. — Rockbladet
  • What kind of monster debut is this? —